Monday, December 4, 2023

Christmas Coffee Bar Decor


Coffee travels


December means christmas coffee menus.  This year they did not disappoint. A snow dream latte from Grinders Caffe in Wilmington, NC has been a long time favorite with a combination of white chocolate, vanilla and toasted marshmallow.  The Nutcracker latte from Mo'Joes in wallace, NC was an amazing sweet treat with notes of almond, hazelnut and chocolate.  Hopefully they keep that on the menu. While visiting family in Winston Salem, NC I always make sure to go to clutch coffee and look forward to trying more of their menu since I always get the same thing an vanilla iced latte.  I also got to visit Bitty and Beau's Winston Salem location for the first time.  The iced chai latte was great.

Peppermint mocha latte at home

Friday, July 28, 2023

Coffee, books and Comfort Shows

Gotta love a great Etsy find.  I found this Iced Coffee glass with a bamboo lid on the Etsy shop Lil Ladybug Sticker Shop.


Top 5 Favorite Podcasts

 My Top 5 Favorite Podcasts

Lately, I have been listening to podcasts more than music when driving. I tend to listen to podcasts covering true crime and reality tv.  I know a crazy combination but it's a good mix of both light and dark. Here are my five favorites right now.

Reality Life with Kate Casey is probably the podcast that got me hooked on podcasts.  She specializes in true crime and reality tv but does venture into other topics.  I have gotten some great book recommendations from listening to Kate. She is the best when it comes to interviewing her guests.  She is the best at getting the behind scenes information that nobody else has.  She also interviews the makers of great reality tv and documentaries in an effort to get the story from an angle that nobody else has.  The Barabra Walters of Podcasting. With over 700 episodes there are plenty to listen to.  

Oh, the boys!  Nobody will have you laughing and crying like Mattie and Poodle. As only two guys who have been friends for 150 years can.  If you love reality tv shows like 90-day Fiance, etc then they are the podcast you can't miss.  They are hysterical but can be serious too.  Sometimes their conversions turn into life-changing episodes.  They are great at giving you perspectives that you hadn't thought of before.  Absolutely love these guys.  

Jodene Weber, a former FBI Agent, was a discovery of Kate Casey.  Kate has her as a frequent guest on her podcast to discuss the latest in true crime.  Kate convinced her she needed her own podcast and she took that advice and "Caught in my Web with Jodene Weber" was born.  She can be found on Patreon and is worth every penny.  She deep dives into the true crime cases that are filling the headlines and brings us cases that mainstream media has missed.  She brings an interesting and unique perspective tp covering cases that no other podcaster I listen to has.  

Phew Selle reads my mind when it comes to the tea and drama of reality tv. She holds nothing back when giving her perspective while recapping the episodes.  Her episodes covering Summer House Martha's Vineyard are my favorite. 

Kara covers everything from reality tv, pop culture, and internet drama.  She has the tea and the opinion and I'm here for it. I love when she has guest co-hosts such as Selle Brooks from "who asked me". She has great banter and the conversations come off as friends sitting around having a conversation over coffee.  

What are some of your favorite podcasts?  

This Week I Am...

 This Week I Am….

Looking forward to…   Cooking some salmon before work Friday.  I already meal-prepped some ravioli.  I work all weekend and with this heat, it should be wild.  

Listening to... One of my favorite podcasts on Patreon "Caught in my Web with Jodene Weber" She's a former FBI agent who covers true crime. If you're following the Idaho murders she is a must listen. 

Reading…  I'm just starting Dreamland by Nicholas Sparks. 

Watching…  Catching up on Law & Order SVU, 911 and impatiently waiting for the next episodes of "The Summer I turned pretty" on Amazon Prime and "The Lincoln Lawyer" on Netflix 

Wearing…  Will be trying out the new blush pallet from Wet and Wild I just bought and the liner 90's nude from Rimmel in an attempt to create the perfect nude lip. 

Thursday, July 27, 2023

Makeup Haul from Ulta

I'm pretty sure I keep Ulta in business. lol, I have bought several of these nail files with plastic covers. They are great to through in a bag or suitcase.  

How cute is the Lip Gloss from Essence Cosmetics in the shade of Pink Lemonade

Wet and Wild has some of the best collaborations lately and the Alice in Wonderland collection does not disappoint.  This blush palette is gorgeous.  Will be perfect for every day, a night out, or travel.  Add a lip product and mascara and you can do a whole face with this pallet. 

Sarai Beauty on Instagram recommended the LA Girl lipgloss in Pillow Talk.  What a great nude. Also picked up two lipliners.  Eastend snob 90's nude by Rimmel Cosmetics and. 

I have never tried any eyeliners from Essence so picked up Deep Sea Baby and I Have A Green.