Monday, July 4, 2011

Girls and Football

One of my favorite films to come out recently is Just Wright.  Queen Latifah stars as a physical therapist hired to care for an injured NBA player played by the rapper common.  One scene in particular really stood out to me. Queen Latifah’s character, Leslie Wright, is getting ready to go to a NBA game with her god sister Morgan, played by Paula Patton.  Morgan comes out in heels and a short tight dress. Leslie comes out in jeans, sneakers and a jersey.  They both look at each other and question why the other is dressed that way. For Morgan going to a NBA game means going to catch a ball playing boyfriend.  While going to a NBA game means going to watch a sport that she loves for Leslie.  These two characters are the perfect example of female sports fans, those who love the players and those who love the game. 

I consider myself someone who loves football.  Don’t get me wrong I love a cute guy.  I especially love when they take their shirts off after the match.  Most importantly, I am fascinated by the game.  I am fairly new to the sport and don’t claim to know everything.  I am excited to learn everything about the sport though.  I don’t know all the rules but I feel I know enough to feel confident when yelling at the referee.  If there is something that I don’t understand I will ask or find out for myself.  One thing I hate is being made to feel like an idiot by some guy because I don’t know something.  I don’t get why guys do that.  Wouldn’t you want your girlfriend to be as into your sport as you are?  Wouldn’t you want to be able to discuss it with her?  Or do guys even think about that? I think that guys would be surprised at what we might say.  Women have a way of looking at things in a totally different way. 

I have a basic understanding of the offside rule.  Although I will admit it had to be explained to me with a shopping reference.  But the point is I understand it.  Even if a woman doesn’t understand the offside rule that doesn’t mean that they love the game any less. 

Many believe that women can’t possibly know sports as well as a man could.  Many don’t believe that women can participate in sports as players or referees on the same level as men can.  I disagree somewhat.  I don’t want to see female players in professional football.  Females should play alongside females.  It’s not that I don’t think that they are capable; I just believe that they are different.  I have no problem with females being referees.  It’s not rocket science guys.  Women can learn the rules just the same as men can.

A true fan is a fan no matter how good or bad a team is doing.  A true fan is a fan no matter what players come and go.  Some women get caught up in the looks of the players and the glamorous lives that they perceive them to have.  A true fan of the game doesn’t care about that.  No matter if you are male or female, it’s about the game. 

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